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Makerere University


Dr. Charles Masembe
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Institute of Environment and Natural Resources
Makerere University
PO Box 7298, Uganda, Kampala
Phone: +
256 71/77 45 59 87 , Fax: +256 41 53 01 34

Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources, 2003 (Makerere University, Kampala)

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, 1999 (Makerere University, Kampala)

Population genetic structure of Syncerus caffer in Uganda using mitochondrial DNA.
My current research is in the area of Population genetics and evolution of selected mammals in Africa. These include the African elephant, common eland, and Oryx.
I am interested in the use of molecular biology techniques in wildlife conservation genetics.

Two fellowships from DANIDA Wildlife Genetics Project. One for the Masters (completed), and another one for the Doctorate (ongoing) program at Makerere University.

Most recent publications

Okello JB, Nyakaana S, Masembe C, Siegismund HR, Arctander P (2005) Mitochondrial DNA variation of the common hippopotamus: evidence for a recent population expansion. Heredity, 95(3), 206-15.

Justus Rutaisire, Anthony J. Booth, Charles Masembe, Silvester Nyakaana and Vincent B. Muwanika (2005) Morphometric and genetic differentiation of two Labeo victorianus populations in Lake Victoria. African Zoology, (accepted).

Justus Rutaisire, Anthony J. Booth, Charles Masembe, Silvester Nyakaana and Vincent B. Muwanika. 2004. Evolution of Labeo victorianus predates the Pleistocene desiccation of Lake Victoria: evidence from mitochondrial DNA sequence variation. South African Journal of Science 100, 607-608.

Muwanika, V.B, H.R. Siegismund, J.B.A. Okello, C. Masembe, P. Arctander and S. Nyakaana. 2003. A recent bottleneck in the warthog and elephant populations of Queen Elizabeth National Park, revealed by a comparative study of four mammalian species in Uganda National Parks. Animal Conservation 6, 237 – 245.